Kenyans Reactions – Kethi’s Stepmother Nduku is a Spoiler

June 11, 2013

Following suggestions that NARC under JUBILEE will field the late Mutula Kilonzo’s wife Nduku, for the Makueni senate by-election, Kenyans have taken to social media to add their voice. 
Wiper under the CORD coalition is expected to field Kethi Kilonzo – daughter to Mutula Kilonzo, for the seat.

Kethi is quite popular following her performance during the election petition. That may explain why majority seem to support her. Some are seeing Nduku as a spoiler, with others questioning whether being a step mother to Kethi has anything to do with it. 
Here are some tweets. 

If Nduku’s son was running she would not run against him, but because Kethi is not her daughter, she doesn’t care! WOW! GREAT MOTHER!

Hii mambo ya Kethi vs. Nduku now needs a compromise candidate in the form Mutula Kilonzo Jnr.

Kethi n Nduku shouldn’t let political power brokers split their family.

LOL Buda amenibamba ati Kethi is the Senator Elect hata hakuna haja ya watu kuvote LOOOOOOOL…

Makueni have a clear choice.. 3 KG of brains or 3 KG of cheeks


I know Nduku has a political right to run!But I also know that as a mother she should be more supportive of Kethi! It just speaks volumes!

Let Nduku & Kethi keep fuckin around and some other unknown candidate will pita Katikati yao Kalonzo style

Just because Kethi did well in court it doesnt mean that she can be a good senator.Thats how we choose wrong leaders in Kenya

With all due respect to Nduku Kilonzo the lady has alot to do than go to Makueni and lose the election in a landslide .Kethi is the Senator

Kethi Kilonzo wants to succeed her father. I wonder why anyone else would bother wasting money to vie.

Its not like the Makueni seat is ordained by gods that Kethi should hold it.Democracy is what u craved for,there it is.”

Both Kethi and Nduku are opportunists …cashing in on Mutula’s death

I blame ngilu and co. trying to come between a family. Nduku Kilonzo is such a spoiler though. Kethi is the people’s choice.

“Nduku Kilonzo has been a professional house wife all her life. Kethi Kilonzo is a brilliant lawyer. Who is fooling who?”

I am not saying that Nduku is a bad step- mother, but if Nduku was Kethi’s real mom, would she have done the same?”

Nduku Vs kethi… Vita Vya Panzi Furaha Ya Kunguru… Haron Mwau, the Boss, must be smiling at the corner

Nduku is just trying to ruin Kethi’s chances of becoming a Senator.She shld be supportive 2 her step daughter.

Kethi is the senator for makueni. i started doubting the mother the moment she said she trusts the government pathologists.

It’s the wife #Nduku who knows the plans his hubby had for Makueni people… I believe he confided in her and not to Kethi…

I agree…. Kethi can do the job… The step mom on the other hand is trying to prove a point… To herself!

Kethi Kilonzo pls don’t trust these Twitter supporters ask Martha and Peter.

UPDATE: Kethi has since pulled out of the race.
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