Kenyans Reactions After HELB Sent an SMS To Everyone (Hilarious)

June 18, 2013
Yesterday, the Higher Education Loans Board surprised Kenyans with a text message informing them that they now support M-PESA as a loan repayment option.

Majority of Kenyans who went through university received some money from the Anniversary Towers based institution, and that explains why HELB was trending on twitter.

Below are some of the interesting tweets.

Nick Mutuma:”Pockets full of money call me mike sonko” *Receives text from HELB* *Switches phone off,throws simcard into the indian Oc

Unconfirmed reports indicate that HELB loan defaulters are fleeing to neighboring countries including Uganda,Sudan and Rongai.

BREAKING NEWS: another group of HELB defaulters seen fleeing the country into south Sudan  

Utaupdate status ati salo imeingia upate new notification, HELB likes this

To show his commitment before marriage, the African groom is expected to offset half of the bride’s HELB loan

#MwanaumeNi Kutafuta kazi kwa HELB then unajitoa kwa list

Ukiwin Tetemesha mwanaume ni kushow safcom waeke story chini ya maji ndo HELB isijue

Some people used HELB to pay dowry”

Ruto be like..

You got the Helb message + please pay your okoa jahazi message and a missed call from ur landlord

RT if you lied that your dad is a peasant farmer for you to get maximum HELB loan”

HELB defaulters be like >> “@PyrBliss: I’m still pissed that the Mayans let us down last December.”

Wasee wa Inoorero walienda kuomba Helb wakaambiwa hakuna pesa ya kuharibu

I look up on Anniversary Towers…..were will my Helb come from….

Obama be like..

Its all fun and loans until U.K gives away nyanza to pay his helb loan

I got my HELB text. I forwarded it to @SafaricomLtd to sort it out with my future Tetemesha winnings. I believe.

Next move: HELB will text your friends asking them to urge you to repay the loan.”

Two Option remaining for HELB to use to trace defaulters. 
a) GNLD Sales Reps 
b) NSSF in collaboration with Jehovah Witness


Take a Faulu Loan to pay off HELB Loan, 
Take M-shwari loan to pay off the Faulu loan, 
Throw simcard away.

Now bitchez want a nigga who has cleared his Helb loan. I’ll die alone.

EABL shld help me repay my HELB,they took the largest share!!

If Annabel wins BBA it will be awkward when the taxi takes her straight to Anniversary towers

So you mean githurai is safer than Anniversary towers

MwanaumeNi kupitia Anniversary Towers na bouncers.’

DSTV Premium Package they said. HELB loan they never said.

At this rate HELB will start sending you whatsapp messages ‘ati wacha kulenga I can see you’re online.

So Helb me God

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