What Kenyans Think About The Mombasa ‘Cat Trapped in a Jerrycan’ Incident

May 2, 2013

Yesterday, the plight of a cat that has been trapped in a jerrycan for 4 days at a village in Kiembeni, Mombasa, was highlighted. 
Villagers have refused to save with most of them in agreement that it is a demon. This is not the first time we’re hearing cat stories in Mombasa, and probably their worries are justified. But what do other Kenyans think?

Below is a collection of tweets on the story.

Phillip Mwaniki – Release the damn cat. That’s just painful to watch.

Poshia Musesya – So, a cat is suspected to be a human but for 4 days it has not transformed back into a human and rescued itself? Mombasa yawa.

@pmureith – Only in Mombasa. An eye witness confessed on TV that a ‘male’ kitten/cat gave birth same area

Scope Magazine – A bald man in Mombasa can no longer have his hair grow since his head was urinated on last year. Blames an cat #idler

Wangare Q – screw superstition tht cat is in distress bana…! #mombasa people and witchcraft

Joseph Kariuki – You are doomed if you are born a cat in Mombasa.

Ruth Mutegi – This Mombasa residents have issues! Ati a male cut gave birth and another urinated on someone’s head! God have mercy on that trapped cat.

Bandit – The poor cat in a mtungi! And the superstitions in Mombasa, useless humans!!

@carolnjogu – wooiiyyee some people from Mombasa are so superstitious and inanimal how do you do that to a cat

@princesswaticha – That cat is a she-devil, mombasa mimi siendi

Sammy Ngatia – How inhuman are the people of Loma Mombasa, is it ignorance or a dose of both ignorance and superstition? the cat was probably thirsty

@fredricndulu – Where are the animal activists in Mombasa?Save the poor cat from the superstitious man.Thats cruelty on animals

Chebet – Well I hate cats but I would sure save the darn cat from than jerrycan…watu wa mombasa jameni¿

@rerimoi – Let the cat go! I’m urging Mombasa residents to be human and free that cat bana

NimCo – OMG what is it with Mombasa and cat stories

Graham Samuel – These mombasa guys cant help a cat stuck on a water container claiming its a person. Kam on, thats nonsense.

Kenny Kaburu – LEAKED PHOTO: The Mombasa cat that created uproar!

UPDATE: The cat was finally rescued by Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA)

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