Nick Mutuma Releases Debut Music Video… People Think Its Pathetic – Video

May 21, 2013

Actor and radio presenter Nick Mutuma, launched his music video last Friday at Skyluxx Lounge. It features Lyra Aoko, with the who’s who in the entertainment industry appearing in it.
This being his debut song, Kenyans expected ‘something’, but unfortunately, going by their reactions, the Shuga actor did not live up to their expectations.

The whole day yesterday, Mutuma was trending on Twitter and I really hope he did not read what people wrote about 254 Anthem, as the video is titled. Here’s a sample of what was said.

Friends don’t let friends drink and record songs. Disappointed with Nick mutuma’s friends’

Mutuma releases a song, Obama skips Kenya. If he releases another song, i swear even peeps from Rongai won’t visit us..

BREAKING: Bensouda spotted in Kenya trying to arrest Nick Mutuma for crimes against humanity.”


Nick Mutuma’s music does to people what bullets did to Pistorius’ girlfriend.”

Ruto’s reaction after listening to Nick Mutuma’s song..

So what do I have to do not to listen to the Mutuma’s song?

“Toto kula ama nikueke ngoma ya Nick Mutuma””

Music ain’t for everybody…hehe just butt out Nick Mutuma.. You cute tho, do pictorials dropping off your jeans and stuff!! That be cool..

The Nick Mutuma’s song was also featured in 1000 Ways To Die

Nick Mutuma is making Bamzigi feel like he is 2Pac.

I think Nick Mutuma’s video is a diversion by the US government to make sure Kenyans concentrate less on the Obama not coming to Kenya issue

N.mutuma ameimba wimbo ya kurudisha nyoka pangoni

He’s so lucky he is pretty,,,,coz this is just lazy work,,,,check sauti sol,even utawala by juliani ish!!!!

Lazima uchape wife ukimpata na ringtone ya Nick Mutuma

I like him better as an actor

So President Uhuru is in Office Pretending that Nick Mutuma’s Decision to do music is Not Matter of National security. smh

Whether people were just joining the dissing bandwagon, so as to feel they belong, I don’t know, but the song is not as bad as some tweets would make you think.
Here’s the video; do you think it’s that bad?

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