Naivas Paid Otongolo Time’s Daniel Owira Sh 200,000 For TV Commercial

May 3, 2013

Naivas Supermarket has just released a TV commercial featuring ‘Otonglo Time’ narrator Daniel Owira. 
In the 30 seconds clip, Owira narrates part of Otonglo Time, inserting the name Naivas at some point.

Watch: Daniel Owira’s Naivas TV Commercial

It is emerging that the young man was paid quite well for that specific ad. According to the blog ‘Kahawa Tungu, Owira took home a whooping Sh 200,000.
A small price for Naivas, considering Owira’s fame if you ask.

Now he can go back to school and work on that report form he’ll be submitting to the head of state in a few months time.

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