Kenya’s Military Ranked 6th Most Powerful in Africa

May 3, 2013

A recent ranking by Global Firepower (GFP), has placed Kenya’s military at number 6 most powerful in Africa.

Over 40 factors have been considered to determine each nation’s military power index. Some of these are the budget allocated to defence, human resource, and the firepower owned by the country. GFP categorically states that nuclear power is not put into consideration.

Egypt military is considered the most powerful in the continent, with Ethiopia coming in second. 
South Africa completes the top three.

Here are the top countries.

1. Egypt – 200 helicopters, 5000 tanks, 863 military aircraft

2 Ethiopia – 68 helicopters, 300 tanks, 147 military aircraft

3 South Africa – 250 tanks, 1600 armoured vehicles, 3 submarines

4 Nigeria – 84 helicopters, 363 tanks, 294 military aircraft

5 Algeria – 136 helicopters, 1000 tanks, 400 aircraft, 3 submarines

6. Kenya – 78 helicopters, 186 tanks, 148 aircraft

7 .Libya – 121 helicopter, 300 tanks, 400 aircraft

In the global rankings, United States leads  in terms of military prowess, followed by Russia, China becomes third, India fourth and United Kingdom fifth.

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