JKUAT Guy Appears on Tujuane… Hilarious Reactions From Kenyans

May 15, 2013

Last night, Tujuane had an interesting episode. One of the two dates was of a University of Nairobi law student – the lady, and a JKUAT student. 
Since the beginning of time, JKUAT has not been associated with the fairer sex and seeing a guy from the Juja based institution on a dating show got people talking. One or two jokes were cracked, as people came up with crazy theories as to why a JKUAT guy would come all the way to #Tujuane to look for love.

Here are some of the interesting tweets, and probably one or two lessons for the students there. 
A lot of insight on how the outside world sees the young Engineers in waiting.

So the dude is from Juja Boys #tujuane @arwasscas @ObonyoMoses i hope he aint silly….

The dude is from JKUAT and he is dating? Come on #Tujuane. Isn’t it easier to show us unicorns?

@njiiru: This dude just proved to us jkuat has no chics if he came to tujuane to meet this chic. #tujuane”

This lady mentions Juja and every guy from JKUAT is suddenly excited…lol

@Nimmrocker From JKUAT …Hii ni Dryspell Imemleta #Tujuane

@fokango: A law student from UON meets a JKUAT fellow”mungu yu mwema, tek manade!

The jkuat dude should order blue moon or kibao not Heineken #tujuane

Ni wa jkuat he’ll pick coding over sex,run Doreen RUUUUUN
Relationship status: On my way to Juja.”

But the Weaves on this juja women. You’d think God created Adam, Eve and Weave..

#Tujuane this is the day that UoN friendzoned JKUAT

That guy is from JKUAT hehe team dryspell till we graduate

Lol…but this guy reminds me of about half of the guys in JKUAT.

he’s from JKUAT he must show up for the 2nd date #tujuane

Huyu dame haikosi amebeba night dress ndio after tujuane aende na boy jkuat #tujuane

Huyo msee wa JKUAT amekunywa heineken alafu akakimbia juja kuosha mdomo na keg. #tujuane

Huyu dame amesema anakujanga Juja. LMAO! Sema Windows 8!! #Tujuane

Huyu in Juja boys kweli…. hata kijiko design inagongana na meno #Tujuane

…off course he can date a chick from the club!! anasoma JUJA boyz!!…

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