Bedbugs Continue To Wreak Havoc At Kenyatta University’s Nyayo Hostels

May 6, 2013
Mattresses ‘drying up’ at Nyayo hostels

For several months now, students at Kenyatta University main campus have suffered silently, after bedbugs took over matters at the institution. 

The most affected hostel, according to sources, is Nyayo 4 located in the Nyayo Zone. The situation is however quickly changing, with reports of bedbug attacks coming in from the other five Nyayo hostels.
The administration has tried to eradicate the insects using chemicals, but so far their attempts have been unsuccessful. Students find themselves with the problem of chemical resistant bedbugs and strong chemical fumes whenever their halls of residence are fumigated. One student confessed to seeking alternative accommodation whenever the ineffective chemical is used. 

In December last year, Sunday Nation’s Mwalimu Andrew, who makes us believe he’s a student at the University, wrote about the situation. He humourously described how the insects smiled at them as they “wasted Doom on them.”

Some students have now resorted to ‘drying’ their mattresses in the sun every single day, perhaps with the hope that the insects will go away. 
Now, with the university elections only a few months away, some aspiring candidates are promising to eradicate the bedbugs once voted into office.

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