14 Things You Did Not Know About Habida

May 29, 2013

1. I cry when I watch the news because it saddens me that most leaders would rather kill for power, rather than be honorable and just leaders. That we watch our brothers suffer while we still fight for power. That there are starving, homeless sick people out there and only a few reach out to them.

2. I am in Love with my daughter beyond words

3. I am a person that loves justice and would love to see us all equal

4. I am a hopeless romantic

5. I am Kenyan, British, Somali, Irish

6. I have a serious case of germophobia

7. I am afraid of making mistakes

8. I have a crazy/adventurous side to me

9. I have an alter ego which takes over when i get on stage to perform
10. I really do not like attention

11. I am always criticizing myself, i am my worst critic

12. I am a lover, i wish we all could just get along

13. I would fight for the weaker person rather than hang with the strongest

14. I love Sci fi, CSI, Law and order and Black films like “Why did I get married” because they focus on the will of God for us.

Courtesy – Habida’s World
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