10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Late Beth Mbaya (Wanade – Mother in Law)

May 10, 2013

1. Her real name is Beth Nyambura Mbaya

2. Kamau Mbaya AKA Baha of ‘Machachari’ and Mungai Mbaya of ‘Know Zone and ‘Makutano Junction’ are her sons

3. She played the shamba girl in Citizen TV’s drama series “Mother-In-Law”.

4. Beth was living in Kikuyu together with her two sons.

5. She grew up in Eastlands, Shauri Moyo.

6. She learnt quite a lot about acting and that’s why she exposed her sons to it while in childhood.

7. Her husband, Robert Mbaya, has been in USA for over a decade, and was quite shocked to find out her family is famous.

8. Beth was a trained teacher, acting was her passion.

9. Both her sons acted in the movie, “Toto Millionaire” a while back. 

10. Joseph Kinuthia AKA Omosh of “Tahidi High” and Scriptwriter Naomi Kamau are her siblings.

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