Remember Kingwa Kamencu? She’s Urging Kenyans To Embark on Mass Masturbation

April 1, 2013

Kingwa Kamencu, the lady who thought she’ll be Kenya’s fourth president appears not to be in her right state of mind. Last week as Kenyans were anxiously waiting for the Supreme Court to decide the direction Kenya takes, she was making some very weird statements on Facebook.

This was her first post on Saturday.

So apparently the CJ’s ruling might not be till 5pm. I suggest we embark on a mass masturbation in the meantime, to pass the time till then. Not only will that give health and spiritual benefits, it will also lower the ethnic tensions that are simmering and threatening to erupt by the minute.

And the following comments followed.

The rotten mind of the woman who wanted to be our president – Wanjiru Tyrus

Na hiki kimwanamke ndicho kilitaka kuwa president???!!! – Ronald Kibet

Madam President suggests that we take matters into our own hands in the meantime…  – Mutugi Njue

Haha President Kamencu has addressed the nation.It could be interesting to have a hot sexy president.  – Godiah Rocky

Her Excellency Kamenchu ‘State of Union’ address. – Mburu Kamau

 … plus many other comments.

After Mutunga gave the ruling, her excellency was not happy. This is what she wrote.

Not happy with this ruling. Now i need sex, to feel better.

If you remember right, this is not the first time Kamencu is making such shocking statements. It will be recalled that during the campaigns, she formed a movement dubbed the ‘Underwear Free Revolution’, whose main aim was to encourage citizens to stay ‘free’. 

A few weeks later, she was back on Facebook looking for a husband. She even spelt out all conditions for anyone willing to apply.
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Kamencu eventually pulled out of the race and endorsed Martha Karua for the top seat. Looking back, we can confidently say that Kenya dodged a bullet.

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