Full List of The 18 New Ministries

April 18, 2013

Yesterday, State House released a list of the 18 ministries the new government is set to be composed of. This is down from the former government’s 44. It is also 4 short of the constitutionally allowed maximum of 22. 
Here’s the list of the new ministries.

1. Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.
2. Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

3. Defence.
4. Foreign Affairs.
5. Education
6. The National Treasury.
7. Health.
8. Transport and Infrastructure
9. Environment, Water and Natural Resource.
10. Land, Housing and Urban Development.
11. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) .
12. Sports, Culture and the Arts.
13. Labour, Social Security and Services.
14. Energy and Petroleum.
15. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
16. Industrialization and Enterprise Development.
17. Commerce and Tourism
18. Mining.
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