Dear Mike Mbuvi Kioko Sonko

April 15, 2013

Mike Mbuvi Kioko Sonko
P.O.Box Senator 1
15th April, 2013

Dear Sir:

Re: Image is everything

My vote was among the almost 800,000 you got in Nairobi.Congratulations for winning. Even though it is said kila nyani na starehe yake, I think Nairobians would like their Senator to be look a bit more professional in appearance. By professional I mean the following;

1. Kindly shave your head and dont dye it again till 2017.
2. Kindly keep the numerous rings away. They are not NBA championship rings!!!
3. Kindly wear smart suits during formal meetings. preferably dark suits.
4. Kindly avoid chewing gum during formal meetings
5. Kindly keep the chains away. Leave them to Atwoli

Remember you and Kidero are the face of Nairobi. It is expected in the next 5 years the two of you will meet several VIPs and potential investors who will be jetting to Nairobi .

Scientists told us that light travels faster than sound. People will judge you by the way you look even before you speak.


Okizy Omtizy 2 Chains. 

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