As Campuses Conclude Their Exams, These Are The 3 Phases of a Semester

April 15, 2013

The 3 phases of a semester;

1st phase: This is the start of the semester where you have all the time and you are busy looking for movies, series & FIFA tournaments. A party is welcome any day of the week and guys are loaded with HELB or money saved from attacho. Any articular class usually has less than quarter of the students.

2nd phase: This is the Middle part of the semester where you start attending classes mostly because of the Cats and assignments. You are always waiting for the weekend as you still have time to party and watch movies. For the first time in the semester all students will attend a class because it is a Cat.

3rd Phase: This is the end of the semester when you actually realise why you pay fees. You start attending all classes to cover up for the lost time. You get numbers of the focused students to ask, “Ukona notes zote?” “Kuna handout ngapi za ii unit?”. The number of trips you make to the Photocopier are more than some of the classes you attended.

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