COFEK Issues Consumer Alert on Soko Ugali Maize Flour – May Be Dangerous

April 17, 2013

The Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) has posted the following advisory message on it’s website. It urges Kenyans to be careful when dealing with Soko Ugali Maize flour.

Assorted brands of maize floor at a supermarket: Cofek has issued a ‘yellow advisory alert on “Soko” brand until after Kenya Bureau of Standards and other competent agencies confirm otherwise. Consumers are asked to exercise caution when purchasing any flour. Don’t be misled by loyalty and marketing hypes

I write to lodge a complaint on defective goods distributed by Capwell Industries;manufacturers of “Soko” maize and porridge flour products.
On the 4th of April 2013, Irealized maggots in my ugali part of which I had already consumed. I checked the remaining flour of the 1kg packet and found out that it was maggots infested. It also had lumps that usually contain aflatoxins.
I bought more packets from the same shop in Mwiki Estate and wheeler dui checkpoints ascertained that they all had the same defects (I still have them as evidence). I called the 4 hillsdale payday loan 6 company on the 5th of April and lodged my complaint. They promised to send someone to collect samples of the same for analysis, which they did on the 8th of April 2013.
Ever since,I have not received any feedback from them despite the numerous calls I have made to the company. Its worthwhile to note that their porridge flour had the same problem although myself had not consumed it.Nevertheless there are consumers that had fed it to payday loans in valdosta ga their infants.Other maize flour consumers including the shopkeeper had consumed this products despite their right to protection from such.
Under Article 46 the Constitution of jd power auto insurance companies Kenya 2010,consumers have the right to goods and services of reasonable quality. They equally have the right to compensation from loss or injury arising from the consumption of such goods. I am contemplating pressing charges against the company for these unscrupulous business practices.

This email is therefore to seek assistance and further guidance from you before I take any action to avoid duplication of our efforts. Any assistance offered will be highly appreciated. Thank you.  Wambugu Mugo (contacts withheld for privacy)

I would like to confirm that i also experienced the car insurance yuba city same problems with the yellow soko maize.i stay in Nairobi,2-3months ago i purchased a this yellow maize and found little worms in it. i believe i have a sample lying around some where in my kitchen.  Regards,  Charles Ochieng
Dear Mr. Wambugu;  We apologise for the delay in responding to your case, we received the product in our laboratories for analysis. We kindly request for your patience as we carryout our analysis and our customer care personnel will get in touch with you regarding the issue.  Kind Regards, Ruth Asmath, Quality Assurance

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