Citizen TV Reporter Francis Gachuri Involved In A Car Accident

April 1, 2013

Citizen TV political affairs reporter Francis Gachuri was on Friday night involved in a car accident, and was lucky to escape with only minor injuries. The reporter was driving himself at the time.

Without divulging much detail, Gachuri tweeted,

Last night,I was involved in an accident.Injured my leg and shoulder.My vehicle extensively damaged.My 1st ever accident,thank God am alive.
— Francis Gachuri (@Fchurii) March 31, 2013

It is still not clear where it happened, but at least the good reporter is well and should be getting back to work soon.
As soon as word broke, Gachuri was bombarded with hundreds of get well messages, mostly on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.  
He then tweeted,

I may not respond to all your get-well tweets,but I am truly humbled n comforted by your messages.Am getting well,soon I will back!
— Francis Gachuri (@Fchurii) March 31, 2013

Nairobi Wire wishes him quick recovery.

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