After Saudi, List of 10 Kenyan Men To Be Deported For Being Too Handsome

April 29, 2013
Omar Borkan Al Gala

A few days ago, Omar Borkan Al Gala was deported from Saudi Arabi for apparently being too handsome, as he posed a danger to the morals of the good women of Saudi. Days later, the pictures of the man were all over Facebook and Twitter timelines, with Kenyan ladies particularly leading the efforts. His Facebook page was liked over 100,000 more times, since the news broke.

Last week, some two Kenyan ladies, Charline and Sharon  wrote a piece for Nairocity blog, motivated by the events in Saudi Arabia, on 10 Kenyans who can possibly face deportation for being too handsome. 
The list is of course very subjective and controversial, especially when it comes to some inclusions. 

Here you go.
This list first appeared on Nairocity blog

10. Fareed Khimani ( X Fm Presenter)

9. Ian Mugoya ( Actor, Journalist and TV presenter)

8. John Allan Namu (Journalist)

7. Moses rnaze mukiibi (Model)

6. Biko Adema (Kenya sevens player)
5. Benjamin Jumba (Model)

4. Ephy ‘Saint’ Muriithi (Model & Actor)

3. George Ndirangu (Production Management and Development, Tele 10 Rwanda)

2. Benjamin Jumba is repeated, so we proceed to number one.

1. Robert Alai (Blogger)

We have no words to add.
Credit: Nairocity
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