Uhuru Apologises After Referring To Supreme Court As ‘Some Six People’

March 28, 2013

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta has apologised for a remark he made on Wednesday that referred to Supreme Court Judges as “some six people”.

Mr Kenyatta, while addressing a retreat of elected Members of Parliament, women representatives and Senators allied to the Jubilee Coalition, had said: “I look forward sincerely to working with you once some six people decide something…we are ready once they decide.”

However hours later, he posted a clarification on his official facebook account in which he explained that his remark was in no way disrespectful.

“In referring to the Supreme Court Judges, my language may have been casual and not 100 per cent correct but there was certainly no disrespect,” Mr Kenyatta explained in the statement.

“The spirit and context in which I made the comments is that we must await the decision of the Supreme Court on the way forward for the Executive arm of Government; but that the other arms especially the legislative must begin working with immediate effect. 

“We respect the Supreme Court and we will await its verdict. It was not my intention to sound casual in reference to our Supreme Court Judges. For that reason, I offer my sincere apologies. My informality may be interpreted as disrespect for the court and that is not the case.”

The Supreme Court Judges are set to make a ruling on a petition by Mr Kenyatta challenger Prime Minister Raila Odinga who is contesting the results of the presidential election.

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