Signs and Symptoms of Mouth Oduor

March 13, 2013
1] You always win an argument quickly.

2] You are explaining something to your friends and they are looking at another direction.

3] Any time you yawn dog always barks.

4] You want to kiss your girlfriend she will tell you “I don’t like kissing”

5] You want to whisper to your friend’s ear and he starts begging you that he already knew what you wanted to say.

6] You try to sing for a little baby and he/she starts crying.

7] Pastor is praying for everybody in the church, when it got to your turn, he instructed you not to say amen.


* Sensodyne
* Close-up
* Oral B
* Colgate
* Maclean
And Others.

If Symptoms persist, please see a Doctor

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