Mugabe’s Hilarious Interview on BBC

March 7, 2013

BBC REPORTER :President MUGABE, how do you feel about the fact
that a white man was the first man on the moon?”

ZUMA: “you whites think you are cleva, a black man will be the first man on the SUN!”

BBC REPORTER: BUT MUGABE, that is rediculous, you will
burn to death…”

MUGABE: ” Hai, shut up…we will go at night


DAD: What’s 10 plus 10?

Jerry: I don’t know.

DAD: Idiot! You can’t answer such a cheap sum…Your stupidity will kill you.

Jerry: Daddy, if you saw a 1000 note cheque and a 500 cheque note which would you pick?

DAD: 1000 of course

Jerry: Idiot! Can’t you pick both? Poverty will kill you.

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