KCSE Provisional Results – Could Change Anytime (Hilarious)

March 7, 2013

FATHER: Son, did U receive a text confirming your K.C.S.E results.

SON: Yes Dad, I got it last week.

FATHER: Ooh that’s good why didn’t you tell me what you got?

SON: Dad, coz those are still Provisional results, they are not very accurate.

FATHER: Ok, so what did you get Son?

SON: Dad u do know that Provisional results, received by electronic means somebody can tamper with it before u receive it.

FATHER: Son, you are not answering my question, what did you get?

SON: Dad, I think someone hacked my SMS feed.

FATHER: I will not ask u again, Mama Nanii leta Fimbo.

SON: Chill, chill dad,the SMS implied that I got an E but it’s still too early to judge, meaning it can change anytime coz my stronghold subjects are not in yet!!


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