KTN Uses Masonic Symbol As Uhuru And Ruto’s Background Image.. WTF!

March 18, 2013

On KTN Leo news bulletin this past Sunday, the station chose to use the Masonic ‘Cross of Nero’ on a blood red colour as the background in Uhuru and Ruto’s story. Coincidentally, the report was about the president – elect’s visit to a church at the coast, and his deputy’s visit to the Nairobi Pentecostal Church.
Nero’s cross is believed to be a satanic symbol showing a broken, upside down cross. It is linked to a notorious Roman emperor who persecuted Christians. 
In modern days, it has been used by heavy metal rock fans, to mock Christ and his followers.

It is puzzling that KTN chose to show such an image, more so right before a report about Uhuru and Ruto’s visits to the two churches.

Here’s the video. Point cursor to minute 6:40. 

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