Kenyans Reaction To KTN’s ‘GAY’ Advert For The Nairobian Newspaper

March 18, 2013

Seen Standard Group’s TV commercial for their newest product, The Nairobian Newspaper? It features 2 men in a Sauna, and one keeps peeping under… Watch the rest on KTN.

Kenyans are however not very pleased with the ad. Many are saying it’s promoting homosexuality, while others believe it’s just in bad taste and not suitable for family viewing.
Below are some comments from social media.

No offense, but I think you guys are promoting gay in that advert of yours, you should know that it’s very disturbing. – Festo Lang

Hello “The Nairobian” I congratulate you for launching your magazine. I am however disturbed by your ad on tv as it is grossly immoral (a fact i share with some of my friend’s facebook friends). The creators of the ad probably thought it was humorous but it sends a negative message and comes out as immoral. I urge to reconsider replacing your ad with a more morally acceptable and family-friendly ad otherwise your magazine may be construed to be one of those cheap gutter press that only belong to the gutter. – Ken Wamae

Please,your advert Sucks,if you can chance it for something else will appreciate.You cant watch with kids in the leaving room! – Prince Jacobs

The nairobian advert sucks. find something interesting and family friendly. not GAY. ama director wa hiyo advert ni GAY? negative images doesnt translate to positive sales  – Kutus Kangor

The Nairobian ad is just so wrong on so many levels! Had me thinking other things there. – Kendi Thiomi

That Nairobian ad. If you called me to be in such an ad I’d shoot you, burn you and Shoot you again. – Supreme Gream

That Nairobian Newspaper TV ad is so gay…yuck! – Geoffrey Otieno

Also, that “the Nairobian” ad is disturbing bwana. Such are to blame for resignations of peeps like the pope 😐 – Brian Omondi

This ad of Nairobian newspaper is damn annoying…could’nt the marketing team think of something more creative and insightful? – Fread Muzee

If you thought the commercial is very original, here’s evidence it is not. It’s an exact copy of this newspaper ad in Sweden. Tells a lot of our ad agencies.


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