Kenyans Crazy Questions To Prophet Mutahi Ngunyi.. After His Accurate Tyranny of Numbers

March 9, 2013

Dear Mutahi, are u and paul the octopus related

Will Ole Kiyapi concede before TOOTHati pm?

Will the president elect change our national anthem to include Ruto? As in ….undugu,Ruto na Uhuru

#DearMutahi The phrase “The writing is on the wall”. It was Waititu,wasn’t it?”

#DearMutahi does Yao Ming know Kenyan politicians and musicians are claiming to be his parents??””

Oh great prophet, what are our chances against Bayern, on a scale of 1-10 #DearMutahi 

#DearMutahi tyranny of Martha’s? >>”am Martha, a Martha,and recently a Grand Martha’

#DearMutahi how many crocodiles are there in kenya … Tyranny Of Mambas”

#DearMutahi Kabando wa Kabando has stopped playing with his phone. Has he run out of internet bando’s?”

#DearMutahi will #Uganda ever have a new President?

#DearMutahi what did the man from kasarani actually see, ndrama or findio

#DearMutahi, Gor Mahia play Sofapaka this afternoon. Your provisional results please.

#DearMutahi what will Uhuru mean when he sings the anthem “Bless this MY LAND and nation?”

#DearMutahi Safaricom just stole my credit, is that Tyranny of Bambas?”

#DearMutahi: Tyranny of numbers as regards my bank account, any word on that?

#Dearmutahi when is the iphone 5s coming out?”

#Dearmutahi does she love me

#DearMutahi If Kantai can tie a tie, why can’t I tie and untie a tie?”

#DearMutahi safcom can’t complete the number as dialled..could it be part of the sanctions?”

#Dearmutahi If money doesn’t grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?

#DearMutahi, Lulu Hassan called me mpenzi mtazamaji…does she really mean it??

#DearMutahi Ntimama is a man and Dibaba a this the tyranny of names?

#Dearmutahi; what time am I likely to leave this couch and take a shower?

#DearMutahi now that Shebesh won, Esther Passaris anasikia weavu??

#DearMutahi did Onana finally tell Rihanna what her name is?

#Dear Mutahi do Janet Mbugua and I have a future or i just Stop watching Citizen T.V.

#DearMutahi when you buy a new range rover what are chances of finding Gumo on driver’s seat”

#DearMutahi If they impose sanctions,does it mean Capital FM presenters will drop the American accents?”

#DearMutahi Do Dexter’s parents know he has a laboratory under their house? Who gets the power bill?

#DearMutahi Who bit the apple in the Apple logo?”

#Dearmutahi if francis atwoli was a presidential candidate, would he have won it in 

#DearMutahi is miguna miguna your uninteligent twin

#DearMutahi exactly how long does a small meeting at #IEBC take ?

#DearMutahi nani aliwaona wahenga wakinena ?

#DearMutahi why does Victoria Rubadiri pretend not to know me when she’s on air?

#DearMutahi Is plastic money for ghetto people?

#DearMutahi Can that Dendai really give you a gudu one??

#DearMutahi who owns that land that is between a rock and a hard place ?

#DearMutahi When will GBS stop selling phones n get serious

#dearmutahi in a scale of 1 to 10 what are my chances of banging mirfat-musa??I do fencing too lol

#DearMutahi when will Uhuru become Mzee Uhuru Kenyatta?

#DearMutahi Can we now find out which song Samsung?

Tired of finding Nimo #Dearmutahi where is she?

#DearMutahi do think Larry Madowo and Alai are God’s sanctions to kenya?

#DearMutahi does Uhuru own the homeland

#DearMutahi Dr Wanjiru has 2 shops are they called BISHOPs…???

#Dear mutahi,is it safe to swallow my pride bcoz it realy big and am scared

#DearMutahi Did that IEBC virus plagiarize your Tyranny of Numbers theory?

#DearMutahi how big was that silver spoon in Uhuru’s mouth when he was born?

#DearMutahi Tunawes wait?

#Dearmutahi Is the couch potato also sold at KFC?

#DearMutahi do you think Paul muite will replace Mohamed Ali in Jicho pevu?

#DearMutahi If it wasn’t Shaggy,then who was it?


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