Shocking News For Those Spreading Hate on Caroline Mutoko’s Facebook Page

February 11, 2013

As the days go by, it’s getting more difficult to be Caroline Mutoko’s fan on Facebook. Yesterday she came up with a list of rules that must be adhered to by all her fans, this time touching on hate. 
This is possibly due to the influx of political messages on her wall, especially due to the coming election. 
You do not need to be reminded what will happen if you break any of these. She’ll delete and ban you, and still remain with 200,000 fans.

Here was her post.


The rules of engagement going forward. Since it’s not the job of Ndemo, Kibunja and CCK to police hate, it’s yours and mine, here’s what you need to know starting now:

1. You want to campaign for your chosen candidate or party – go to THEIR FB page. Don’t come here. You’re not welcome.

2. You want to abuse someone or start spreading your small minded sentiments on tribe and other rubbish – go to the FB pages that support that crap – there are many.
Don’t come here – you’re not welcome.

3. If you feel the need to use your time to spread small-minded hate & spew tribal slurs and get abusive (bad grammer and spellings not withstanding) go elsewhere. You are not welcome here.

I don’t have another country to call home. If you can’t talk, write and act in a manner that safeguards this nation – you are not welcome here.

Hate is not welcome here.


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