Pictures of KTN’s New Election Studio

February 27, 2013
Yesterday, our former channel of choice launched a new studio meant for this elections only. They’re calling it the election centre. The design is basically not bad, but it would be much better were they to concentrate on giving us news instead of telling us about their studio. 

The station has abandoned their virtual studios and opted for the Citizen style of piling up 32 inches. The main area of the vast studio is the ‘Super Wall’, composed of 25 flat screens. 
There is also a balcony and a Google Hangout area. Then there’s a big globe at the centre, which destroys everything. 
Here are pictures of KTN’s Election Centre.

KTN Studio 1

KTN Studio 2

KTN Studio

KTN Studio 4

KTN Studio 5

KTN Studio 6

KTN Studio 7

KTN Studio 8

KTN Studio 9


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