KTN Denies Allegations That Tujuane is Scripted

February 27, 2013

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether KTN’s now popular show Tujuane is scripted. Mirfat Musa, the ‘diva’ who appeared on it this past Friday defended herself saying that she did not mean what she said to her date, claiming that not everything on TV is real.

In a tweet that just came short of claiming the show is scripted, she said, “Ok people…this hia is the truth, the show was not real n I didn’t mean any of thos things said on the show.not evrythin u see on tv is real”
Many people interpreted this as a confession that the show is not what it’s made to look. 

Tujuane has however come out to deny that their show is scripted, through a statement of Facebook. This is what they wrote.

For our viewers, and those who have been watching the show from the onset, we have never scripted anything on our show. We set up dates for singles can make friendships which will we always hope will lead to real love. What Tujuane will never do, as is being alleged, is then tell individuals how to present themselves and how to behave. To what end? It’s unfortunate that under duress all manner of allegations have now been made. But for what it’s worth we shall continue matchmaking those who are looking for real love, and we will follow up on the couples Tujuane has been able to bring together in genuine love and friendship. When we came up with this concept, the first of its kind in Kenya, it was to bring singles who want to meet other singles for prospective friendships and love, and we will never tell you how to do that. 🙂 We keep it fresh, always!

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