Finally: A Way To Join The Freemasons In Kenya

February 14, 2013

In our spam folder, we have tens of emails by people desperate to join Illuminati. Naturally, we cannot reply to them for obvious reasons. The fact is, we have no clue. However, in some of these mails, the writer leaves open the option of joining any other underground cult, and ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath because we finally found a way how.

The Freemasons are recruiting in Moshi, Tanzania and have made official notices to announce the same. Reportedly, they have acquired a a building in the town, asking people to ‘come one, come all’. However, anyone wishing to join the cult has to part with Tsh 100,000, and equivalent of KSh 5000. 
When a journalist called one of the numbers on the poster, this was the response.

“Tuma majina yako matatu; lako, baba na babu yako halafu tuma na shilingi 100,000 kwenye namba 0714 084 841 ambayo ni ada ya uanachama kisha utakwenda Kindoroko Hotel, chumba namba 87 hapo utakutana na bosi wangu na utaandikishwa rasmi na kupewa nguo zenye nembo yetu,”

Any sober person will probably doubt the whole recruitment drive. In fact, a sober person should not even contemplate acting on the recruitment call. It would be surprising if this whole business is not ran from a prison cell somewhere. 

So, if you’re still looking for an opening, keep looking, this one is most probably a hoax… but if you insist, take the next bus to Moshi, and locate this place.


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