Jimnah Mbaru’s 37 Page CV That Shocked Kenyans

January 16, 2013

Nairobi Governor hopeful Jimnah Mbaru posted his Curriculum Vitae on his Facebook page this week and yesterday, it was a trending topic on social media. The length of the of the CV is what caught most by surprise, and the fact that most of the positions he has held are very high profile. 

The timing of the release of the CV might not have been perfect, with its going viral only a day to the nominations, but most of the online commentators believed they had found their first governor.
Ferdinand Waititu, who is expected to compete with Mbaru, was forced to publicly display his graduation certificate and pictures from a University in India, to fight off allegations that he did not have even a bachelors degree. ODM hopeful Margaret Wanjiru was yesterday disqualified from vying because his degrees was confirmed to be from an unrecognized institution of learning. 

Jimnah Mbaru on the other hand presents someone who has embraced education. He graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1971 with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com, hons), before taking a Master in Business Adminstration (MBA) in 1978. In 1998, he went back to the University of Nairobi, and in 2002 he graduated with a Bachelor in Laws (LLB, hons) in 2002.

Below are some tweets compiled by @nairobiwire, on Kenyans reactions to the CV

For a glimpse of Nairobi under Jimnah Mbaru, watch ‘The Jetsons’. For a glimpse of Nairobi under Ferdinand Waititu, watch ‘The Flinstones’.   – Mahia Mutua

I hope the ballot paper will have either Mbaru or Kidero for Nairobi Governor. Either way will be a WIN-WIN for us. – Dimitri

Wanjiru and Waititu can get their first certificates wakimaliza kusoma CV ya Jimnah Mbaru

I hope Jimnah Mbaru beats Waititu in tomorrow’s nomination#UniversityOfPunjab!” Lol  

This Jimnah Mbaru guy is starting to look like the real deal for Nairobi. They say never make your mind up until the last day. 

Please be careful as you download Jimnah Mbaru’s CV; Your data bundles for the week will be over before you finish LQTM  

Um…I asked for the chap’s CV, not Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians!!! Sssiet man!

I have a CV, Jimnah Mbaru has a CVDVD. :-/  

After looking at Mbaru’s CV, i think Wanjiru should add another degree “Bachelor of Arts in Ushering and Mademoni Chasing” 

cv ya jimnah mbaru ndio manifesto ya party ya ole kiyapi.” Hahaha X’D  

Ati Jimnah Mbaru’s CV should be a setbook! #dead. 

Tried downloading Mbaru’s CV, and now data na stima zimeisha  

Wanjiru and Waititu can get their first certificates wakimaliza kusoma CV ya Jimnah Mbaru”

I believe Mike Sonko’s CV can match that of Jimnah Mbaru….only that his will have to be in font 72″Lol  

Jimnah Mbaru’s CV.Good Lord!!!Waititu’s must be 3 lines “Kajora,MP”.The End. 

Hiyo CV si ya mtu mmoja. Ni ya Jim na Mbaru”

I’d rather read the iTunes terms and conditions than go through Jimna Mbaru’s CV! 

Someone send me a link to Jimnah Mbaru’s CV! P.S – Start with ssn 1, naskia ni ndefu. 

If waititu sent jimnah mbaru his CV… he would probably think he sent him a text message

Jimnah Mbaru reads his CV to his kids as a bedtime story  

@safaricom bring back the unlimited Sms hii CV ya Mbaru haiwezi toshea kwa 200 messages 

And below is a section of the very lengthy CV


Nairobi Stock Exchange, Kenya, effective from 18th April 2006.

Chairman and CEO:
Dyer and Blair Investment Bank Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.
A major Investment Bank in Kenya.

Chairman and CEO:
Dyer and Blair (Uganda) Limited, Kampala, Uganda.
A stock broking company that deals with shares and stocks and is a member of the Uganda Stock Exchange.

Jitegemee Trust (Kenya).
A Kshs.750 million micro-finance institution supported by the Netherlands Government.

Africa Consulting Group Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.
Consultants in privatisation, liberalization, economic reforms and capital markets.

Nairobi Equator Hospital

Central Depository and Settlement System (CDS), Nairobi Stock Exchange.
A computer automated system of transfer of share certificates.

Occidental Insurance Company Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.A general business insurance company.

AIG Global Investment Company (East Africa) Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.
A US$ 300 million asset management company.

British American Insurance Company Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.
A mainly life insurance company.

Board Member:
Association of Kenya Stockbrokers.

Board Member:
Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

Board Member:
Faculty of Commerce, University of Nairobi.

The National Economic and Social Council.
A Presidential appointment to advise the Government on fast-tracking of Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment creation in Kenya.

Advisory Council, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa.

Kenya Institute of Management.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Advisor:

Botswana Government.
On Reorganization of Botswana Capital Market.

Rwanda Stock Exchange (in formation)

The Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange.

Uganda Securities Exchange.

Consultant: Economic Commission for Africa.
On Mobilization of Domestic Financial Resources in Africa.

2000 – 2002:

Chairman: Nairobi City Council Interim Oversight Board (Presidential appointment).
Responsibility: To oversee the financial management of the City Council.

1992 – 2001:

Executive Chairman: Nairobi Stock Exchange, Nairobi, Kenya.
In charge of overall growth and development of Nairobi Stock Exchange.

For the full Curriculum Vitae, See This Post on Facebook

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