Jimnah Mbaru VS Ordinary Kenyan – CV Comparison

January 17, 2013

Compare this CV with the one belonging to Jimnah Mbaru, available on THIS POST, and you’ll see a clear difference between an ordinary Kenyan and the businessman. For a start, Mbaru’s CV is believed to take up 37 pages, while an ordinary Kenyan will barely go to the third page. 

2001-2004 Attended Githurai High school.
Prominent grass cutter and potential golf player.
Recognised thug and hustler. Started stealing text books from form 1.

2004-2008 Tarmacked

2005- Opened yahoo account and paraded as a nigerian investor named Okechwukwu

2007-present: Joined Facebook
Acquired skills include
– rude comments
– downloading photos
– admin of 5 pages

2008- Present: Joined twitter after stealing smartphone
Skills include
-Downloading avis
-making memes
– #TeamMafisi activist
– Member of #DiaperKids
-Tweefing (Won 5, Lost 2)
– Gossip and talking about people who have achieved much
– holds a record of tweeting without sleep for 22 hours
– Has a re-tweet from Rihanna in 2009 as a newbie

Famous roasts include
Kibriti roast
Mbunde roast
Waruinge roast
Paapa roast
And many more….

Referee: Alai (He gave me one HTC)

Provided by :The rare champ

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