Uganda Cranes CEO Goes Into Exile After Newspaper Publishes Pictures of Him Sodomizing Player (PG)

December 14, 2012
Red Pepper, a Ugandan daily has published today (7 December) graphic photos allegedly depicting the head of the country’s prime football team ‘sodomising’ a young team player.
A photo depicting Chris Mubiru having anal sex with a young man covered the entire front page of the paper entitled: ‘SMOKED OUT! Uganda Cranes boss nabbed sodomising players – Shocking pictures inside’.
The paper printed five striking photos of the head of Cranes football team allegedly in the process of ‘sodomising’ a young team player.
The photos detailed the alleged sexual acts with captions designed to outrage the country’s conservative population: ‘MASTER AT WORK: Mubiru nails the boys butt’, ‘shafting’ and ‘hurting the boy’, to finally ‘END GAME: The boy struggles to stand up after the bum shattering session.’
The alleged ‘young player’ was not identified nor could the validity of the pictures be ascertained.
No statement has been issued by the Crane’s football team at the time of publishing this story.
Speaking with Gay Star News, Denis Nizoka, editor of Identity Kenya said: ‘This was clearly designed to provoke a moral outrage about what is seen as a bastion of male sportsmanship – the country’s top football team.’
Uganda’s Parliament resumed work Tuesday (4 December) and are poised to debate the country’s ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ any time now.
The proposed law would give life in jail for gay sex and even the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’.
It is being pushed through by the Speaker of the Uganda Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga who has promised the law as a ‘Christmas present’ to her supporters.
If passed, men or women who have gay sex could be imprisoned for life – even if he or she merely ‘touches another person with the intention of committing the act of homosexuality’.
Those guilty of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ include HIV positive people who have gay sex or ‘serial offenders’ will face the capital punishment.
Red Pepper routinely carries stories outing prominent figures.
It’s last major anti-gay campaigns however occurred in April and December of 2009, according to Box Turtle Bulletin.
In August 2006, Red Pepper published the first names and occupations of prominent Ugandan men whom it asserted were homosexual.
This decision was sharply criticized by rights groups which said that the move could expose the men to harassment by the government, as homosexuality in Uganda remains illegal.
The following month, it published a similar list of 13 women whom it claimed were lesbians.
In an interview published in May 2009, the news editor of Red Pepper, Ben Byarabaha, vowed that the tabloid would continue its campaign against alleged homosexuals by publishing their names, photographs and addresses.
Source : gaystarnews

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