‘How To Abort’ and Other Peculiar Google Searches By Kenyans In 2012

December 13, 2012

The Google Zeitgeist 2012 report has just been released and the top searches in Kenya for the last 12 years are pretty shocking, or at least the leading search.
‘How to abort’ is the number one ‘How To…’ phrase searched on Google this year in Kenya. The discussion can drag on and on, but its pretty obvious that Kenyans had more unprotected sex this year, probably than any other year. As is the norm this days, the first place to look for solutions is Google, and this year they have been busted.
 On TV shows, Citizen TV dominates the list with 5 of their programmes on the top 10 list. Eva Luna, Triumph of Love and Tusker Project Fame were all in the top 5.
On the people search, the late Whitney Houston emerged top with Njenga Karume, Miguna Miguna and Nancy Baraza making an appearance on the top 10.
Robin van Persie, Victor Wanyama and David Rudisha were among the top athletes to be searched this year.

Below is the full list of top searches as provided by Google.

  1. IEBC
  2. Facebook
  3. Whitney Houston
  4. Tubidy
  5. Euro 2012
  6. Daily Post
  7. GHRIS
  8. ICC
  9. Njenga Karume
  10. Miguna Miguna


  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Njenga Karume
  3. Miguna Miguna
  4. John Michuki
  5. Nancy Baraza
  6. Saitoti
  7. Fabrice Muamba
  8. Robin Van Persie
  9. James Ingram
  10. Eddie Murphy

TV Shows

  1. Eva Luna
  2. BBA Stargame
  3. Shuga
  4. Triumph of Love
  5. Tusker Project Fame
  6. Pasion Morena
  7. KulaHappy
  8. Morning Awaits
  9. Nikita Season 2
  10. Tabasamu


  1. Robin van Persie
  2. David Rudisha
  3. Mario Balotelli
  4. Victor Wanyama
  5. Ronaldhino
  6. Conjestina Achieng
  7. Michael Phelps
  8. Ezekiel Kemboi
  9. Podolski
  10. Lance Armstrong

     How to…

  11. How to abort
  12. How to drift
  13. How to make
  14. How to conceive
  15. How to study
  16. How to seduce
  17. How to type
  18. How to romance
  19. How to invest
  20. How to geek

What is…?

  1. What is ethnicity
  2. What is sex
  3. What is iPod
  4. What is development
  5. What is teaching
  6. What is illuminati
  7. What is insurance
  8. What is integrity
  9. What is consumerism
  10. What is psychology

What is…? (Health)

  1. What is cancer
  2. What is ebola
  3. What is ovulation
  4. What is typhoid
  5. What is malaria
  6. What is HIV/AIDS
  7. What is autism
  8. What is nausea
  9. What is stress
  10. What is health

What is…? Technology

  1. What is technology
  2. What is skype
  3. What is iPod
  4. What is data
  5. What is IMEI
  6. What is cache
  7. What is iPad
  8. What is ergonomic
  9. What is email
  10. What is programming

What is…? Acronyms

  1. What is ISO
  2. What is CSR
  3. What is HIV
  4. What is PHP
  5. What is WIFI
  6. What is DNS
  7. What is FTSE
  8. What is SPSS
  9. What is LCD
  10. What is Phd

Image Searches

  1. Nairobi
  2. Rihanna
  3. Eva Luna
  4. Mara Clara
  5. Saitoti
  6. Popcaan
  7. Whitney Houston
  8. Konshons
  9. Samsung Galaxy
  10. Van Persie

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