Thika Road’s Letter To Waiyaki Way (Hilarious)

December 16, 2012

Dear Waiyaki way, 

How is life treating you? Its been a while now. I hear you have endless potholes. I also hear that you are no longer beautiful as you were when we were kids. You were so hot for my class you had to stop at Westlands so as not to be associated with me.
Guess what Bitch, am all grown up now, hotter than larva and better than ever. I have flyovers and underpasses now. And not like that one you have at Limuru, no , that’s a baby to me now. I have both at the same place, you should really visit pangani to witness what am talking about. Remember potholes? well, we broke up. Not my type at all, I discovered. Well, I didn’t have anything important to tell you, but just to make you feel bad about yourself. If you wish to see my status, just drop down to museum hill and see for yourself. Oh, and we won’t be meeting up, I will be at the top waiting to receive anything you can’t handle, COZ AM AN EIGHT LANE HIGHWAY BITCH!!! 

Yourstruly, THIKAROAD.

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