Makau Mutua Wins Gay And Lesbian Award (Full List of Winners)

December 17, 2012

Last week, the list of nominees for the inaugural Gay and Lesbian Awards of Kenya (KeGALA) was revealed. The event was held on Saturday at Charter Hall in Nairobi, with National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and Kenya Human Rights Commission as the organizers. 

Among the winners was Sunday Nation columnist Makau Mutua. It is believed that some awards were given secretly, with the most talked about being one to a popular radio presenter, who has had to contend with gay rumours for years. 
The presenter appeared for the presentation together with his lover of foreign origin. 
Here is the full list of winners.. excluding the presenter. (Winners in Bold*)


SHUJAA – Lifetime Achievement Award for ‘impeccable track record of service to LGBTI human rights’

  • David Kuria Mbote *
  • Lady Justice Monica Mbaru
  • Pouline Kimanni
  • Nguru Karugu
  • Kate Kamunde Kathambi

UTUMISHI – LGBTI Community Organization Achievement Award for ‘service for and development of contemporary and creative measures for effective  exercise of  LGBTI persons’

  • Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) – Nairobi *
  • NYAWEK Coalition – Kisumu
  • Upper Rift Minorities (URM)
  • Out In Kenya – Nairobi
  • PEMA- Kenya

SAUTI – Journalist Of The Year Award for ‘substantial, balanced reporting on LGBTI human rights issues in mainstream media’

  • Anne Soi-Mwendia ‘Muffled Killers’- KTN
  • Monica Mwangi – The Star *
  • Stella Kasina ‘The Invisible Bridge’- K24
  • Joy Wanja –NTV
  • Patrick Rukwaro- Internews In Kenya


DINI – Religion/Faith Award for ‘promotion of dialogue on faith, gender, sex, sexuality and Scripture/religious teachings’

  • Other Sheep Kenya
  • St Sebastian –KIPE Kisumu *
  • Mavuno Church
  • Other Sheep Africa
  • Gay Kenya Trust’s Muslim Brothers and Sisters

SIMON MAMICHA’ AWARD for ‘greatest contribution in the fight against HIV among LGBTIQ individuals in Kenya’

  • John Mathenge – HOYMAS *
  • Mombo ‘Mantully’ Ngua – Independent Activist
  • Mutisya Leonard – KIPE Kenya
  • Lorna Dias – LVCT Kenya
  • Dr Nicholas Muraguri

MWAJIRI – Employer of the Year Award for ‘employers that have been non-discriminating in hiring LGBTIQ individuals, and are creating an affirming and supportive work environment and promoting sexual diversity and LGBTIQ culture in the workforce’

  • Duke of Breeze Hotel, Kisumu
  • HIAS Trust in Kenya, Nairobi
  • Google Kenya
  • Coca-Cola East and Central Africa
  • Fahamu Africa *

MWONGOZI  – Politician/Public Servant Award for ‘political leaders/ politicians who have contributed significantly to promotion of equality and nondiscrimination of LGBTIQ individuals, including challenging negative cultural attitudes, protecting LGBTIQ individuals from maltreatment and/or initiating campaigns to fight homo/transphobia’

  • Mutula Kilonzo, MP, Minister
  • Kingwa Kamencu, Aspirant
  • Esther Murugi, MP, Minister
  • Willy Mutunga, Chief Justice
  • Makau Mutua, KHRC Chairman *

Other winners:

AFYA – LGBTI Health Provider Award – KIPE-Kenya (Kisumu) 

MSAIDIZI – Civil Society/Corporate Ally Award – Kenya Human Right Commission (KHRC) 

TUKIO – Event of the Year Award – OUT Film Festival 2012 – Goethe Institute 

BIASHARA – Business Leader of the Year Award – Rainbow Crafts – Out In Kenya 

NGUZO – Pillar of Support Award – UHAI-EASHRI 

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