You Must Be Kenyan IF…

November 19, 2012

1. If you are known by your children’s name e.g Mama Kayai, Mama Kamau

2. When you use the words “and finally” during a speech and keep going for another 30 minutes

3. If you call any hot beverage tea, be it chocolate or coffee

4. If you stop in the middle of the street to drop or pick up passengers

5. When you say “I saw it with my own eyes”. Um, who else’s might you have seen it with? 🙂

6. If someone stops in town, points up and you look

7. If you call the watchman soldier.

8. When you say “I closed my eyes and bought it”

9. If you have ever said ‘Me I…’ at the beginning of a sentence.

10. wen u call while holding the red button

11. When guys scram for 14 seater dirty matatus blaring vulgar music while the smart bus is clean and empty.

12. If you go to church to check out chicks

13. When multiple languages pop up in your sentences, for example ” yawa !si i went to that ka- place kuangalia the kiria …  


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