The Nairobi Woman

November 14, 2012
Yesterday witnessed another trending twitter hash tag, #TheNairobiWoman. Kenyans on Twitter, or #KOT as they are commonly known , united to give what turned out to be the most hilarious compilation of traits of Nairobi women. The following are the best of those tweets.
#TheNairobiWoman handbag ni kubwa hadi ina search button.” ~> \_

#TheNairobiWoman shaves her eyebrows and draws back a NIKE logo.
#TheNairobiWoman The only Food that she cooks best is Noodles. 
#thenairobiwoman is at the office at 6am so as to tweet via Ipad. 
#TheNairobiWoman shops at eNGARAsha but wants Enkarasha when you hook up!

#TheNairobiWoman will want a Guy who drives at 25,na rooms kwao zimegawanishwa na leso

#TheNairobiWoman starts her shopping at Enka Rasha for browsing purposes then proceeds to Ngara for actualization.

#TheNairobiWoman Will not marry a Bcom material yet she has a diploma in Insect behavior

#TheNairobiWoman goes to bed in a speedo biker and stockings over her head.”

#theNairobiWoman always has that one EX who can gerrrit anytime he wants.

If #TheNairobiWoman starts a phone call with, “Aki sweetie si unajua nakupenda” your bank account is about to suffer.

#TheNairobiWoman borrows heels to look classy but ends up walking like a newborn calf.

#TheNairobiWoman Insists on soda and pizza during dates but take ugali and salt at home

#TheNairobiWoman Puts on A wig brigher than her future

#TheNairobiwoman will hate on sm1 elses weave forgetting shez also put on one.

#TheNairobiWoman atapanda Paradiso from Githurai to town alaf apande cab to skylux”hahaha

#TheNairobiWoman takes a 30min bath and wears makeup to go and buy airtime across the road.

#TheNairobiWoman sticks a piece of dry grass through her ear piercing

#thenairobiwoman: she doesn’t SMH coz her wig may fall off!

#TheNairobiWoman Claims she’s worth a mita dowry, yet pronounces 12 as ‘Twelof

#TheNairobiWoman sounds like Alicia Keys on the phone yet looks like Birdman in person

#TheNairobiWoman Thinks all dogs are called simba.

#TheNairobiWoman Shaves eyebrows,draws them back now she looks always suprised.”  
By Kenyans on Twitter
Compiled by @nairobiwire

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