Julie Gichuru Gives Stern Warning To Her Facebook Impersonator

November 15, 2012
Take note there is an imposter in town this time impersonating Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru on Facebook. The imposter is alleged to be promising fans jobs for money.
Apparently Julie has learnt of the ongoing scam and some people have fallen prey to the scams and even sent money to the yet to be exposed imposter.
Today on her Facebook page Julie wrote a statement warning her fans against the impostor and we quote:
Good people, please note that there is an imposter on fb running a scam, promising people jobs for money. This is a con. Do not send your hard earned money to these people. Remember jobs are not paid for, you either go through a competitive recruitment process or you are headhunted… you should not pay for a job. Be vigilant. And to the conmen and women out there… Siku za mwizi ni arobaini!
This comes just a few weeks after an imposter claiming to be Citizen TV’s Kirigo Ng’arua was arrested by CID officers as he tried to withdraw part of the money he had conned people claiming that Kirigo’s parents were ailing and needed financial assistance.

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