5 Things American Movies Teach Us

October 21, 2012
5 things American Movies Teach Us:
1. Chinese Have Nothing Better To Do Than Teaching Or Practice Kung Fu.
2. More Than 50% Of U.S. Population Are FBI/CIA Agents, Working Undercover.
3. The Purpose Of School System Of U.S. Is To Promote Basketball / Baseball.
4. Aliens Have Special Interest In Attacking U.S.
5. U.S. Is A Place Where You Can Meet All Mythical Creatures Like Werewolves and Vampires.
5 things Indian Movies Teach Us:
1. At Least One Of The Identical Twins Is Born Evil.
2. While Defusing A Bomb, Do Not Worry, Whichever Wire You Cut… You “Always Choose The Right One”.
3. A Hero Will Show No Pain, While Getting Beaten Up; But Will Show Pain When A Girl Cleans Up His Wound.
4. A Detective Can Solve A Case Only When He Is Suspended From Duty.
*The Most Hilarious*
5. If You Decide To Start Dancing On The Street, Everyone You Meet Will Know The Steps.

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