You Know She Is Nairobian If… (Hilarious)

September 18, 2012
Yesterday, another Kenyan trend was shaking twitter. Kenyans on Twitter were giving hilarious views on how to know she is a Nairobian. 
The following are some of them.
If she stops at a Tv selling shop in luthuli rd. 2 watch news at 1.
she asks for a sandal from mr price and when shes alone unampata toy market………ntk!!
If all the route 58 kodas know her by name
If she opens her beer na mdomo”
If she treats relationships as a source of income.
If she cooks for you popcorn for supper
when all her body skin except the face is black
when she attends sevens and doesn’t know who won
when she balances work, two kids, college and being in love with tout.
when her child thinks his real name is “Daddy”
1st week of the relationship- “I’m in love” …a month into the relationship- *men are dogs* kwisha mimi
If she mills around Galitos on Tuesday evenings!
when she has 5 different Facebook accounts
If she speaks the “I kujad” “I kwendad” ‘English’
when her “sirudi nyumbani” bag has everything sold in tuskys and gikosh except cash
she has the number of the guy at Gikosh/Toi/Ngara who knows her exact size and taste .
when she stops to adjust her bra in front of equity bank tinted windows!
If she has a paper bag (calender) in her kibeti incase it rains
If she buys mabuyu at Jamia Mosque
If she wins the argument with a matatu tout
if you see her queing at the 30bob chips joint at Odeon
If you ask her out & comes with 2 others
when she sends a friend request to chic she suspects you have thing with
if she takes a mat to the date but demands cab fare back home
if she’s on heels but chapas a purse thief a flying kick!
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