Michelle Morgan: The New Citizen TV Presenter Everyone Is Talking About.

August 28, 2012

Why Everyone Is Now Watching Business News

Michelle Morgan (looks better on TV)
Citizen TV pulled a surprise last night by adding a new face to our screens without prior promo and fanfare, like was witnessed with the likes Janet Mbugua and Lilian Muli. 
Her name is Michelle K. Morgan, and immediately she was introduced, she was on everyone’s lips. Comments on social media described her as having the perfect figure and out of this world looks. People who barely sit through the main news found themselves watching business news. 
She has been compared to Julie Gichuru in many ways. Some even think she will soon be the main face of Citizen TV. It’s only a matter of time before we know whether she can sustain the hype.
Michelle Morgan unfortunately has zero social media presence with a twitter account created yesterday as the only proof she exists. The above picture is her twitter avi and I must admit, she looks better on TV.

Julie Gichuru was pleased to have Morgan in their camp and despite all the comparison between the two, she does not feel threatened. This morning she tweeted,

“Great feedback to Michelle Morgan who did an excellent job yesterday! There’s more to come from Business, do keep watching Citizen TV ;o)

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