Jaguar Takes His Millions To Real Estate

August 17, 2012

Jaguar Compares Showbiz To Athletics In That Both Are Time Bound

Businessman and entertainer, Jaguar has decided to invest his money in real estate. The singer told pulse magazine that he chosen real estate because unlike showbiz it was not time bound. Early this month, Jaguar was reported to have bought a bungalow in Karen at a cost of Sh 10 million.
“Just as an artiste, there comes a time when a musician’s career simply comes to an end.You must invest wisely if you have to live well in the future.” He said
The ‘Kigeugeu’ hit maker is now riding on ‘Matapeli’ which is quickly gaining popularity among his fans. Word has it that some politicians are interested in buying its rights to use it as a campaign anthem.

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