Miguna To Sue Robert Alai For Distributing His Book In PDF Format.

July 18, 2012

Miguna Miguna Has Allegedly Threatened To Sue The Controversial Blogger Following His Online Distribution Of ‘Peeling Back The Mask’ PDF Copy.

miguna miguna robert alai
Miguna Miguna is alleged to have threatened to sue tech blogger Robert Alai for illegal online distribution of his book, Peeling Back The Mask. According to an alleged sms message sent by Miguna to the blogger, Alai has been ordered to delete any PDF records of the book that he may have on any of his sites. The message is reportedly copied to several journalists.
LEGAL NOTICE to Robert Alai: You have criminally infringed on my copyright and criminally downloaded and distributed my book on PDF without legal authority. Now you have started harassing and taunting me with text messages and harassing telephone calls. I am going to deal with you sternly. You are hereby directed to delete/expunge all records of the PDF files of my book ‘Peeling Back the Mask’ and delete/remove/block all the URL postings and links you have created forthwith! Miguna Miguna, Toronto, July 18, 2012
On Wednesday, Robert Alai, known for his big Twitter presence, posted a download link to Miguna’s book on his social media accounts. The file is hosted on a online forum reportedly associated with Alai going by the name BidiiAfrica.com .The exact thread containing the book’s download link was viewed close to 8000 times in a period of a few hours. Assuming that most of those views translated to downloads, Miguna and his publishers lost over Sh 20,000,000.
Robert Alai was just recently involved in a legal threat, when fellow blogger Dennis Itumbi threatened to sue him for linking him to some ICC documents the latter was arrested for.
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