Mario Balotelli’s Photoshopped Images.

July 2, 2012

Mario Balotelli’s Funny Posture Photoshopped Images.

After his second goal against Germany, Mario Balotelli’s celebration was kind of weird. He took on a posture of a serious muscled man and that image may be in contention as one of the most Photoshopped image in recent times. Before the match, Balotelli had been asked why he did not celebrate his own goals. His reply was that you cannot celebrate for doing what you are paid to do. A post man does not celebrate when he delivers mail.
Here are the best of Mario Balotelli’s Photoshopped images.The first picture is the original one.
mario balotelli 1
Original Picture
mario balotelli 2
mario balotelli 2
mario balotelli 2mario balotelli 4
mario balotelli 3mario balotelli 6mario balotelli 7mario balotelli 2
mario balotelli 5
mario balotelli 2


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