Man Battered By Nyeri Wife Ready To Marry Another Nyeri Wife.

July 6, 2012

“Nyeri Women Are Not The Problem, Any Woman Can Beat You.” Kiguta

nyeri women
Kiguta is making quick recovery
He became the face of husband battery after his picture was circulated on all forms of media. Simon Kiguta was in February admitted to hospital with deep panga cuts. His ‘Nyeri’ wife had mercilessly cut his head with an intention of killing him. 
Popular belief was that Kiguta was overpowered by his ‘stronger’ half and thus the beating. However, the he has a different version of the story. He says that he was deep asleep when his wife attacked him. He was therefore defenseless. He adds that his case cannot be counted as husband battery because he was caught unawares.
Kiguta is now living with his father who is providing for his every need before he heals completely. He says that parts of his body have never made a full recovery. He is however quick to add that Nyeri women are not what they were portrayed to be. He says that any woman regardless of the community can beat the husband. 
Asked if he will marry again, Kiguta said he will when he makes a full recovery, since now he cannot provide for a wife.

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