Gor Mahia Fans Mutilating Tom Mboya Statue. [Primitive Energy]

July 23, 2012

Tom Mboya’s Statue Joins List of Victims Of Gor Mahia Fans’ Primitive Energy.

tom mboya statueBarely a year since Tom Mboya’s statue was unveiled, Gor Mahia fans have made defacing and mutilating it their part time job. Anytime the club wins a match, they have to pass around that area and pay homage to their hero. 
Recently, Nairobians were treated to a rare but shocking drama when a section of Gor fans upon leaving the stadium, after a 3-1 victory against KCB, headed to the statue, stripped half naked and started bathing from the fountain at the statue. 
According to eye witnesses, they climbed on to the statue and in the process defaced and even peeled off some parts of the base it stands on. Attempts by on lookers who tried to stop them from doing so almost landed them in trouble when shouts of “Mawe! Mawe!” rent the air. 
One eye witness bitter with what was happening remarked: “As much as we are all in agreement that it’s a soccer tradition to celebrate after winning, it should be done with caution and withing the laws of the land. It is high time Gor management came out forcefully to instill discipline among the club’s fans. Or is this the primitive energy Koreans were referring to?” City residents are further urging the Nairobi City Council to also move fast and fence off the place if possible with electric wire, to keep off marauding fans and idlers who sit from sunrise to sunset as photographers hoover to take pictures of Mboya’s admirers. An audit should be done to reveal the extent of the damage caused and Gor as a club should be forced to meet the cases of some people pouring milk and sodas on the statue ostensibly as libetion to the assassinated minister in what is feared will make the statue a shrine. Ironically, no one seems to spare more than a glance to the statue of the freedom fight icon Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi a few metres away.
Just recently, we showed you how some malicious persons cut off the head of one of the flamingos next to the statue.
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