Evans Kidero Loses His Cool On NTV And Reprimands Host For Asking Hard Questions.

July 26, 2012

Kidero Not So Happy After Debarl Continues To Ask Him About Questionable Land Deals And A Petition Preventing The Anti Corruption Commission From Investigating Him. 

Nairobi governor hopeful and former Mumias Sugar MD, Evans Kidero lost his cool on Tuesday while on an interview on ‘NTV this morning‘ , Host, Debarl Inea kept interrogating him about his time at Mumias sugar and this did not go down well with Kidero. The interview had proceeded well for quite some time, before Debarl brought in questions about Kidero’s integrity. The guest was constantly put on the defensive until he could not take it anymore.

Debarl asked, an until now cool Kidero, whether he would meet the requirement’s of the constitution’s chapter 6 on leadership and integrity, to which Kidero answered to affirmative.
“Certainly, I have no scandal despite working with many companies not only in Kenya but in many countries…” He said. In asking the question, Debarl had the alleged land saga at Mumias Sugar during Kidero’s reign in mind. 

Debarl was not about to let the issue go. He asked Kidero whether he had filed any petition in court to prevent the Director of Public Prosecutions, The Police Commissioner or the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission from investigating him. The aspirant denied filing any petition.
The former Tusker Project Fame contestant continued, “Do you have any shares at Mumias Sugar? “
Kidero said that he had none, having sold all of them. 
After a slight pause, Debarl went back to the issue of the petition. He, in a leading manner, asked him “So you said you have not filed any petition?” Kidero takes his time, but cleverly adds a ‘maybe’. He says that Mumias Sugar could have filed the petition but definitely not him. 
The presenter then hands him a copy of the petition to which Kidero denies being familiar with, a decision he probably regretted. At this time, Kidero lost his cool. He reprimanded Debarl for asking him questions about his past instead of sticking to the issue at hand, which was what he would do for the people of Nairobi. 
“What’s your interest? because when we came here, we were to discuss about what I would do for Nairobi. You seem to be a lot more concerned abut what I did at Mumias… Whose interest are you working for? “
Kidero then contradicted his earlier statement that he was not familiar with the documents, by saying that he had actually seen them and knew who had filed them, under whose financing. 
Here is the video of the interview. If you’re interested in the interesting part, point your cursor to minute 30.

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