40 plus "Fear Of ‘s" You will Find Hilarious. (HUMOUR)

July 6, 2012
#Fear of has been a trending topic on social media for some time now. The extent to which Kenyan go to crack a rib is simply amazing. Below are some of the creative #fear ofs, lifted from twitter.
Fear of dry skin – Nifear
Licking honey – Chofear chofear
Alcohol  – Phobeer
Sugar  – Dufear
Gunshots  – Fear tua
Hats  – Kofear
Bottled Juice  –  Afear
Baby girls  – So fear
Catholic Priests  –  mufear (Kikuyu)
Shoes  –  Fear tu
Self Employment  – Fear shara
Chips  – Fear zi
Eating  – Fear kula
Another Country  – Ethiofear
High Places  –  Atmos fear
Olivia Otieno  – Olifear
Sony Flat Screens –  Bra fear
Italians  – Mafear
Political Parties  – Fear ma
Prolonged Erection  – Fear gra
Avocado  Makoro fear
Kibaki’s Insults  – Mafearkuku
Hard Situations – Fearm (fiam)
Staying Put  – Inter fear
Thinking – Philosofear
Stories  – Fear-y-tale
Jealousy  – En fears
Matatu Fare Hikes  – Bus fear
Good Manners  – beha fear
Washing Utensils  – Fear mbo
loose Change  – Ro fear (kikuyu)
Mayhem  – Fearsco
Getting Engaged  – Fear-ncée”
Reducing  – Fifear
Nets  – Fear ndarua
Suspecting  – Ho fear
Falling in love  – kukufear
Kogallo  – Gor ma fear
writing letters instead of words  – Abre fear it
Sudoku  – Tri fear
Mudavadi  – Mudafeardi
Skyscrapers  – Goro fear
Stomach upset  – Kuthe-fear
Circles  – Sfear
Cowardice  – Confeardence

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