"Saitoti Was Assassinated," Mutahi Ngunyi

June 18, 2012

“Orwa Ojode Was Just Collateral Damage” Mutahi Ngunyi.

The media’s favourite political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, sensationally claimed that Prof. George Saitoti might have been assassinated. Mutahi was speaking this Friday on Jeff Koinange’s Capital Talk. The famous political analyst said that assassination was number one on the list of what might have killed the internal security minister, his deputy, their bodyguards and two pilots.
Mutahi said that succession politics in Kenya have always attracted political assassinations. He pointed out the assassinations of Tom Mboya and JM Kariuki and claimed that Saitoti’s death might have been similar to the two only that it was well executed. He added that Orwa Ojode was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
Asked whether a Saitoti death would benefit anyone politically, Mutahi said it was highly unlikely adding that Saitoti was not a presidential candidate with a serious chance of ascending to power. He added that the late Saitoti would have emerged number five or six in the coming elections. Ruling out political mileage as a reason for assassinating the professor, Mutahi took on drug barons. He said that the drug barons may have been unhappy with Saitoti and the way he refused to bend to their knees. They may have plotted to eliminate him. This week the minister was to table a ministerial statement on the Artur brothers and their links to drug dealing. Mutahi wondered if there are some forces that wanted to prevent that from ever getting public.He said that, Saitoti being extremely wealthy, might have been a hard nut to crack for the barons since it would be difficult to compromise him as opposed to any other minister.

It was reported that police commissioner Mathew Iteere should also have been on that chopper. This also raised Mutahi’s suspicion that the police commissioner was also a target.

The political analyst also pointed to his chairmanship to the committee on ICC in parliament as a possible reason for assassination. He would have ended up being a witness at the Hague and maybe someone was not comfortable with that.
Here is part one of the interview.

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