Prophetess Nyaboke Speaks Again. Is Raila Kenya’s Next President?

June 13, 2012

Is Ida Odinga Our Next First Lady?

Prophetess Josephine Nyaboke. (Standard)

When writer wrote a story with the title, “Prophet Who Saw Saitoti’s Death Also Knows Kenya’s Next President.”, nobody anticipated the interest it would generate. Within a couple of hours the article had been shared hundreds of times on social media. That number soon got to a thousand and continues to grow. If you did not read it, CLICK HERE

In a nut shell, it explained how this prophetess called Josephine Nyaboke had foreseen the deaths of Saitoti and Ojode, and also Michuki and Njenga Karume. The prophetess also claimed that she saw Kenyans leaving their homes during the next election period, in what can be understood as another post election violence. The day after Saitoti died, we ran that story and so did Standard on their website. The original interview with Nyaboke was posted on April 25th by the newspaper, but as a result of the chopper crash, Standard re-posted it. As if not enough, the newspaper sent reporters to do a follow up interview and now, despite Nyaboke still not mentioning the name of the man or woman she has been shown to be Kenya’s next president, she gave her biggest hint yet. 

According to her, the person God has chosen to be Kenya’s next president has the following traits:

Realizes his mistakes and turns around quickly just like King David in the Bible.

He retracts unfavourable statements fast leaving people confused often what his real stand is. (This is his strength)

Friends will run away from him and he will remain as if he is standing alone. He just has to pray hard as the presidency is been handed to him.

There is a heavy hand in the current leadership determined to deny him the mantle. has not added or left out any, but has lifted them directly from Standard digital.
Nyaboke adds that while one of the leaders has said he will vie, his candidature came late in the day and he has no strong support base on the ground. In her own words,
“This leader cannot stand on his own because the ground is not with him and try as he might, there is no way he can make it to the throne.”
(Most probably talking about Mudavadi)

Nyaboke also warned Kenyans not to make a big fuss over who will be the next president. She said that this country will undergo turmoil because of arrogant and greedy leaders, who think they can make it on their own.
“These leaders are very proud and have no respect whatsoever for God and this is what will continue causing problems in this nation. Unless we really turn to God starting with our leaders.”

Nyaboke went ahead to reveal a prophesy she saw in which a part of Kenya will have an agitation following some external interference. She says that if the government does not act decisively, then the problem will get out of hand. This prophesy most probably talks of the MRC who are quite vocal with their slogan “Pwani si Kenya”. 

Prophetess Nyaboke does not spare the church. She says that church leaders are out to enrich themselves while the congregation does not question anything. She however names one religious leader (From a Mainstream Church), who she says is a true man of God. She says the leader is very humble and just recently suffered massive loss but still remains true to God. (Speculatively, ACK’s Eliud Wabukhala recently lost his wife, and is from a mainstream church.)

In her last words to Jeckonia Otieno of Standard Newspaper, Nyaboke states that the one reason people deaths are increasing is the growing number of businesses making coffins. She says God gives people what they ask for and therefore when people make coffins, they are asking God to let others die so that their businesses may prosper. 
“Let the coffin be made after a person dies because right now we have welcomed death, hence the myriad deaths we are witnessing through accidents and other disasters.”

At the end of the day, you will decide what to believe and what not to. This article is not meant to sway your opinion in any particular way. 

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