100 Years Later, Facts You May Not Know About Titanic.

April 15, 2012

100 Years Later,Titanic Memory Lives On. 

Today marked exactly 100 years since the titanic sunk. At 11:40, on its first voyage, en route to New York, Titanic hit an iceberg and that resulted to its sinking 3 hours later. By around 2:20 am, the entire ship had disappeared beneath the water surface. More than 1500 people lost their lives. Many years later, a movie dedicated to the occurrence of that fateful night became the highest grossing ever and immortalized the memories of the Titanic. 
Here are some facts relating to Titanic.
$7,500,00 – The cost of building the Titanic.
10,000 – number of lamp bulbs in the ship.
3,547 – number of people titanic could carry.
2,223 – number of people aboard the Titanic.
20 – number of lifeboats on the Titanic.
160 – minutes the Titanic took to completely sink after hitting the iceberg
1,000 – the number of bottles of wine aboard.
40,000 – the number of eggs aboard the Titanic.
2 – the number of dogs that survived.
74 – the number of years it took to find Titanic’s wreck.
13 – the number of couples on honeymoon aboard.
As the Titanic sailed past the Isle of Wight, a Mrs Marshall grabbed her husband’s arm and started shouting, “It’s going to sink, that ship is going to sink! Save them! Save them!” Everyone thought she was mentally disturbed.
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